Deadline for abstract submission has been extended until 12 May 2019

Dear participants,

We kindly invite you to present your recent scientific data at the Swiss Oncology and Hematology Congress (SOHC), taking place 26 to 28 June 2019. The following categories are available:

Hemostasis, transfusion medicine, vascular, laboratory medicine (SSH award for hemostasis)

Clinical hemato-oncology (lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, transplantation for SSH and SSMO) (SSH/SSMO award for clinical hemato-oncology)

Clinical solid tumor oncology (SSMO award for clinical solid tumor oncology)

Experimental Hematology / Oncology (SSH/SSMO award for experimental hematology / oncology)

Abstracts on issues of epidemiology, psycho-oncology and care are to be submitted with the clinical categories. Abstracts on pediatric issues are to be submitted with the clinical categories as for adult patients. Experimental Hematology / Oncology includes experimental laboratory-based work, abstracts on laboratory-based diagnosis belong to category 1. The award winner of each category and the following 4 abstracts with the next best rating per category will be presented on Wednesday/Thursday afternoon. All other abstracts will be presented during the session “Short abstract presentations” on Thursday afternoon. Furthermore, posters of all accepted abstracts will be displayed at the poster session on Thursday. Abstract review criteria are based on clarity, supporting data, scientific exactness, potential significance, and innovation or usefulness.

Encore abstracts are accepted


Only English abstracts will be accepted. Instructions: The abstract should follow a clear structure:

  • heading/title
  • authors
  • co-authors
  • category
  • institutions (with a clear correlation to the authors with Arabic numbers)
  • text with scientific contents background / introduction
  • methods
  • results
  • conclusion

Title: abstract titles (maximum 120 characters) should be brief and reflect the content of the abstract. Do not use capital letters in the title except for words that are always capitalised and do not use non-standard abbreviations.

Word count: the on-line abstract submission procedure will not accept abstracts that exceed 2,500 characters (including spaces, excl. name of authors and institutions).

The use of standard abbreviations is desirable. A special or unusual abbreviation must be placed (in round brackets) after the first appearance of the word for which it stands.

Citation of literature is feasible and should start with authors, year of publication in brackets, title, journal, number of pages.

Max. 1 table and/or 1 figure can be added per abstract

When inserting a figure and/or a table the text should be reduced accordingly. Each figure/table represents 300 characters. Figures/tables should be in high resolution (300 dpi), jpg, tif, eps or png format.

No images are allowed.

All accepted abstracts will be published. DEADLINE for abstract submission has been extended until 12 May 2019, 12pm. You will receive a short notice about the rating of your abstract until 8 June 2019. For questions regarding the online submission process, please e-mail: rena.wasseghi@medicongress.ch